January Update from SPSN


The Afghan withdrawal has animated the veteran community unlike anything I have experienced in my lifetime. Maybe it’s because I am a vet now, but I feel the calling that many have modeled stepping forward to honor an ethos of leave no one behind, an ethos instilled during our time in service, has driven this uprising.

Through various groups in the area, the Ops Center has been able to provide food and water as well as stoves and other supplies to allies, many who are in hiding.


Team Member Spotlight

Amanda “Mandy” Matti is the Battle Captain for the EOA Ops Center in Los Angeles, California. But “Battle Captain” doesn’t quite cover her story, not even a little bit. Her story is filled with many victories and tears to become an essential part of the team. She met her husband, Fadi, in the summer of 2005 in Baghdad where Mandy was stationed with the U.S. Navy. Fadi was the interpreter assigned to Mandy while she was there.

He then handed the phone back to her. Apparently the grandmother recognized the dialect the guard was speaking in, and he was from her hometown. She knew him and his grandmother. So when she was screaming at him. She threatened him with spanking and telling his grandmother if he didn’t let her family through!

To read the full story, click the link below.

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